CCA and COVID-19

We are now living in a time of unprecedented crisis and emergency due to the Coronavirus known as Covid-19.

This virus is affecting all of us as individuals due to the serious threat to our health wherever we live in the world but it also affects CCA as an organisation.

CCA, in a similar way to most organisations and individuals, have had to cease all face-to-face meeting and travel and will have to adjust to the “new normal”.

We will therefore be increasing its digital output in the weeks and months ahead, including extra resources on the CCA website, social media and the introduction of a new, free digital newsletter, which will be operational from early April.

You can subscribe to the digital newsletter by e-mailing [email protected]

It is commonly accepted that this new Covid-19 virus was originally “discovered” in China and emanated from the wildlife trade and the article below from a very eminent public health specialist emphasises the dangers of such trade.

CCA has always opposed such awful practices and we will continue to condemn such activities.  We will increasingly campaign against them over the coming weeks as COVID-19 affects our lives both individually and collectively in the period ahead.

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