The Ark is Catholic Concern for Animals’ flagship magazine. Published three times a year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn, The Ark regularly features contributions from internationally leading animal theologians and animal welfare and rights advocates, providing a wealth of information and opportunities for reflection on related topics. The magazine also includes recipes, practical advice, poems, prayers and pointers to useful resources, helping you to make compassionate choices for the benefit of all sentient beings. There is also a space dedicated to the letters of readers who wish to share their comments on issues related to faith and animal welfare. In its pages you will additionally find Catholic Concern for Animal’s major announcements.

Aside from being an advocacy, educational and spiritual platform, The Ark aims to foster a sense of community helping people to feel connected, nourished and strengthened in the pursuit of more compassionate living for the sake of all God’s creatures.

You can see the most recent issues of The Ark listed below.

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Ark – Spring 2020 – 244

In this issue: Australia’s Bushfires: What They Mean for the Future of the Planet by Philip Lymbery; Remembering CCA Chair Emeritus Dr Edward Echlin; CIWF Challenges the World to Rethink Fish by Sophie Peutrill; Hare Coursing in Ireland – What About the Hares? by Dr Andrew Kelly; CCA Awards Ceremony.

The Ark Magazine 90th Anniversary Edition

Ark – Autumn 2019 – 243

In this issue: Christians and a healthy Climate by Dr Edward P. Echlin, 100 Cities the Size of London by Philip Lymbery, Save the Asian Elephants by Duncan McNair KHS, Perspectives on Biodiversity from Laudato Si by Fr Joseph Vyakuno, Sermon to Save Creation by Fr Martin Henig

Front Page - Ark 242

The Ark – Summer 2019 – 242

In this issue: ‘Save Korean Dogs’ by Madeleine Warren, ‘The Save Movement’ by Sarah Dunning, ‘Making All Nations Great’ by Dr Michael Fox, ‘Cutting Down the Tree of Life’ by Rev. Prof. Fr Martin Henig, ‘St Lawrence and St Bridget’ by Rev. Christa Blanke.

Ark Front Cover 241

The Ark – Spring 2019 – 241

In this issue: ‘End Bull Torture Now! Awakening from Materialism: Vegans as Healers’ by Dr Will Tuttle, ‘The Silent Call’ by Rev. Christa Blanke, ‘Untiy is with the Animals Too!’ by Natalia Doran, ‘Go Vegan – It’s Easy’, delicious recipes from Marlene Watson-Tara.

Front Page - Ark 240

The Ark – Autumn 2018 – 240

In this issue: ‘Urgent Action on Climate Change Needed’ by Bishop John Arnold, including moving more to a plant based diet. Talks from the CCA Summer Conference Animal Advocacy in the Era of Laudato Si’,  organised with Prof. Gary Francione at the University of East Anglia.  Articles from the conference by Prof. Catherine Rowett, Dr Clara Mancini, Prof. Gary Steiner, Dr Richard Ryder. Also Rev. Prof Martin Henig.  Also Fish Welfare and European Aquaculture by Eurogroup’s Douglas Waley.

Front Page - Ark

The Ark – Summer 2018 – 239

In this issue: Animal Rights by Prof. Gary Francione, The UK Needs an Ivory Ban by IFAW’s Philip Mansbridge, Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary by Phillip Flanders, The Hidden Suffering of Pheasants and Partridges by Animal Aid’s Kate Fowler, Foie Gras Campaign by Animal Equality’s Kate Werner, Animal Suffering and the God question by Dr Michael Fox.

Front Page - Ark 238

The Ark – Spring 2018 – 238

In this issue: Born Free – Saving the Rhino by Will Travers OBE; Save the Asian Elephant – Interview with Duncan McNair KHS; Man is Born Free – by Dr Gerald Taylor; Should Conscious computers Have Rights? – A debate; Proposed New Animal welfare Bill, Brexit and Banning Live Exports; New Vegan recipes for 2018 by Jane Easton of Viva!

Front Page - Ark 237

The Ark – Winter 2017 – 237

In this issue: The Fur Trade: Cruelty in the Cause of Fashion by Fr Martin Henig; Animals and the Common Good by Dr Edward Echlin; Reconnecting with Our Religions by Barbara Gardner; Maintaining UK Animal Welfare after Brexit by Lorraine Platt; Compassion Fatigue by Rev. Christa Blanke.  Also 2017 Ecumenical Animal Welfare Retreat; Presentation of St Francis Award to Joyce D’Silva; Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics – The Ethics of Fur; CIWF & WWF Extinction & Livestock Conference; Eurogroup.

Front Cover - Ark - Summer 2017 - 236

The Ark – Summer 2017 – 236

In this issue: Politics & Nature: The Reality We Can’t Ignore by Dr Charlotte Regan (IFAW);  Can Animals be Treated Well in Laboratories? by Frances Cheng (PETA); Animal Advocacy & the Charge of Anthropomorphism by Stephen Kaufmann (CVA);  Crux Interview with Chris Fegan by Charles Camosy (Crux); A Successful Retreat by The St Francis Alliance Team;  A Catholic Message on Our Treatment of Animals by Bishop John Arnold and much, much more.-


The Ark – Spring 2017 – 235

In this issue: Reflections on Laudato Si’ by CCA’s President – Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP,  Current Animal Issues in British Polictics – Sir David Amess MP, We are There for the Animals – Rev. Christa Blanke, Saints Against Hunting – Dr Richard Ryder.


The Ark – Autumn 2016 – 234

In this issue: Laudato Si’: A View from the Wildwood – Fr Martin Henig, Vegetarianism and Chrisitianity:  Are they Compatible? – Keith Akers, World Youth Day – Chris Fegan, Animals Are Not Freight – Barbara Gardner, Greyhounds In Need – Anne Finch, Grace’s Rest: Fighting the Exotic Pet Crisis – Clare Barnard, Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land  -Wendy Ahl.

Ark 233 Front Page

The Ark – Summer 2016 – 233

In this issue: Laudato Si: The Interconnected Creation – Fr Dieudonne Rizinde, Animals in War – Bruce Kent, India’s Elephants – Philip Mansbridge (IFAW), SARX – Daryl Booth, People4Ponies – Faye Stacey.

Front Page - Ark Spring 2016

The Ark – Spring 2016 – 232

In this issue: The Paris Conference on Climate Change – Neil Thorns (CAFOD), God’s Deliverance of Animals – Prof. David Clough, The Great Addiction – Dr Richard D. Ryder, Penance vs Plenty – Jane Easton (VIVA), As It Was In The Beginning – Revd Prof. Martin Henig, The Spirit of Catholic Renewal – Dr Deborah Jones.

Ark 231 front cover

Ark – Autumn 2015 – Issue 231

Includes articles by: Dr Deborah Jones, Bishop John Arnold, Dr Richard Ryder, Sir David Amess MP, Jill Robinson MBE (Founder & CEO of Animals Asia), Mark McCormick (Senior Communications Officer at The League) and Prof. David Clough.


The Ark – Summer 2015 – 230

Includes: CCA visits the Vatican, CCA submits animal welfare paper for Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment, CCA letter on animal experiments.

Spring 2015 229 Pictures A5 - Image 1

The Ark – Spring 2015 – 229

Includes: CAFOD summit on climate change, Climate Change and the Threat to Creation by Father Augusto Zampini Davies, Interview with CIWF Ambassador, Joyce D’Silva, The Fur Trade and the Environment by Mark Glover. 

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