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By producing and distributing educational material and advocating within national and international religious and political organisations, Catholic Concern for Animals is changing attitudes towards animals and encouraging people to treat them with love and kindness. But to be able to continue this vital work we need financial resources.

As a charity we receive no public funds and rely entirely on the generosity of compassionate people who believe that humans have a responsibility to respect and protect all sentient beings, and who wish to support our advocacy and educational work within and beyond the Catholic community. One way in which you can support our work is by becoming a member of the Catholic Concern for Animals Family.

Annual membership costs £25 and Life membership costs £500 wherever you live in the World. You do not need to be a Catholic to become a member.

Membership gives you a number of benefits:

  • automatic subscription, including delivery, to Catholic Concern for Animals flagship magazine The Ark, packed with contributions from internationally leading animal advocates, prayers and poems, helpful resources for kinder and more sustainable living, and important announcements from the charity and the animal advocacy world

If you would like to become a member of Catholic Concern for Animals, please choose one of the following options: