More UK Horseracing Horror
CCA has long opposed horseracing and we think it is a cruel sport that should not be allowed.
More evidence on the horrors of horseracing are being revealed on the BBC’s Panorama programme “The Dark Side of Horse Racing” this evening.  Please watch at 20.30 GMT or on BBC iPlayer and see how the horseracing industry has no care or concern whatsoever for the horses it uses purely for profit.
Kangaroo Murder in Australia
As CCA celebrates the 50th anniversary of CCA Australia this year, we are campaigning against the murder of Australian kangaroos which are used for food and leather in the EU.  CCA has signed an open letter, along with Eurogroup for Animals, to the UEFA President about the use of kangaroo leather in football boots used in Euro 2020. Further information about this is here.




Our Mission is the advancement of Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation with special reference to Catholic teaching and beliefs.


The charity meets its objective of advancing Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation through the production of its magazine, The Ark, which is issued three times a year, and through its website and social media outreach. The Chief Executive promotes the work of the charity by engaging with other organisations and giving presentations.

Public Benefit

The charity provides a public benefit by producing educational material and giving talks on the empathetic treatment of animals, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, which gives a moral benefit to the human community.


The charity has a high impact by informing and educating on the issues of Animal Advocacy among the Catholic world population at all levels, from the Vatican as the Catholic Church’s highest institution to individual Catholics throughout the world. The Charity also works very closely with other Animal Advocate organisations and individuals worldwide.

Animal Interfaith Alliance

CCA is a founder member of the Animal Interfaith Alliance