Advocating for the Animal Creation

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Our Mission is the advancement of Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation with special reference to Catholic teaching and beliefs


Bishop John Arnold Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change, including a Move to More Plant Based Diets

Bishop John Arnold

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CCA AGM 2018 Advert

Animal Advocacy in the Era of Laudato Si

CCA Conference with Prof. Gary Francione 

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Please Support Catholic Concern for Animals

Catholic Concern for Animals is a registered charity, number 231022, founded in 1929.  With over a billion Catholics in the world, our work to advance Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation within the Catholic Church is vital.  Please support our work via Charity Choice or PayPal below:

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– CCC 2416 

‘It is not only the cause of animals, their welfare and protection, which is here advocated.  It is the cause also of the good name of the Catholic Church, often attacked and seldom defended in this matter of the proper treatment of animals.’  Dom Ambrose Agius OSB
 © Catholic Concern for Animals 2018

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  1. Hi, our family pet bird that my mother has had for 29 years is very sick. She has eggs binding. She had eggs binding in her since June 2018. My family lives in poverty and Brady is becoming sick. My mother has already took her to a vet in southern Ohio and “Gave her medicince” that was suppose to help Brady pass the eggs. Which did not work. If you know of any vets or help that we could turn to could you please contact me.

    God bless,
    Jessica Herriman


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