Advocating for the Animal Creation

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Our Mission is the advancement of Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation with special reference to Catholic teaching and beliefs


New Year Message from the Chief Executive

Chris Fegan

Dear CCA Members and Supporters,

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and I would like to wish you all a great New Year and 2019.

CCA had a very good 2018 and the highlights were probably our excellent Animal Advocacy which we held in partnership with the University of East Anglia in Norwich but also the statement of Bishop Arnold on behalf of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales in response to the IPCC report on the Environment and Bishop John talked about the need to increase the consumption of plant based diets and to look in detail at farming methods used to produce food. If you have yet to do so please have a look at Bishop John’s statement, which you will find on the CCA website here.

CCA will continue to advocate for a cruelty free lifestyle in 2019 and that of course includes individual diet and other personal consumption choices and we continue to support activities such as Veganuary, which is taking place at the moment, and we will continue to do so vigorously

We are also planning to work on other issues of direct cruelty to animals throughout the world and that will include working on projects with partner organisations and specific areas we will be focusing in 2019 include the awful plight of dogs in South Korea and the appalling dog meat trade which is beyond horrific in its cruelty.

We will also help to support increased advocacy against the ongoing cruelty against animals in the ‘name of sport’ throughout the world including the continuing disgrace of bull fighting and bull torture which are most notably associated with Spain but also take place in other parts of the world.

I hope that as many CCA members and supporters will be able to assist us in our work in 2019 and we are planning to update you more by introducing a new Digital version of The Ark which will be in the form of a newsletter sent several times a year by e-mail to keep people up to date with what we are doing.

If you wish to be placed on the mailing list for this new Ark Newsletter, please send e-mail at

I look forward to hearing from you and to another successful year of advocacy and support from us all involved in CCA on behalf of all God’s Creation.

I would also like to make an appeal at this special time of year for any financial support that you may be able to give CCA to help fund the Charity in our work for 2019 as we continue to bring our educational work to all the 1.4 billion Catholics throughout the world and you can donate to CCA via the following methods:

Charity Choice 2Donate




Best wishes,
Chris Fegan
Chief Executive


Bishop John Arnold

Bishop John Arnold Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change, including a Move to More Plant Based Diets

Full details here:



Animal Advocacy in the Era of Laudato Si’ 

CCA Conference with Prof. Gary Francione 

Watch the video here …

Please Support Catholic Concern for Animals

Catholic Concern for Animals is a registered charity, number 231022, founded in 1929.  With over a billion Catholics in the world, our work to advance Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation within the Catholic Church is vital.  Please support our work via Charity Choice or PayPal below:

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– CCC 2416 

‘It is not only the cause of animals, their welfare and protection, which is here advocated.  It is the cause also of the good name of the Catholic Church, often attacked and seldom defended in this matter of the proper treatment of animals.’  Dom Ambrose Agius OSB
 © Catholic Concern for Animals 2018

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m intending to rejoin and to make a donation just as soon as I’m financially able. I so appreciate the work you do as being an “animal advocate” can be very challenging.


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