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In May 2015 CCA wrote to the new Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, congratulating him on becoming mayor of this beautiful city and requesting that he ends the cruel practise of bullfighting in the city’s bullring, Campo Pequeno.

Bullring in Lisbon
Lisbon Bullring

Although bullfighting has been banned in most civilised countries, where this barbaric and medieval torture of animals had been consigned to the history books, the practice is excused in Lisbon on the bullring’s website, as the bull is ‘enraged but not put down at the end of the show’. CCA believes that this still amounts to unacceptable cruelty, as the bull is terrified and tortured, and that there is no excuse for such abusive treatment of animals.

Matador fighting a bull

But the bullring hosts concerts as well. What a wonderful way to celebrate this remarkable building! CCA requested that the cruel practice of bullfighting in Lisbon be replaced by more concerts. No jobs or income need be lost and the city could be more beautiful and enlightened.

CCA stated in its letter that the practice is also terribly degrading to the human condition, as it suppresses kindness and compassion towards animals and, instead, encourages aggression and violence towards them which, as studies have shown, is the first step towards violence in human society. It is also a terrible way to educate and bring up children. Pope St Pius V banned bullfights, describing them as ‘a spectacle for demons rather than men’ (Encyclical De salute gregis, 1567).

CCA requested a response, to be published in The Ark, and said that a positive response on ending bullfighting would be very well received by The Ark’s readers. However, to date, no response has been received. Please support our campaign by writing to:

Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon,

Paços do Concelho
Praça do Municipio

Or email [email protected]