Map of Kenya


Dear Friends,

The members of CCA-Kenya have done a wonderful job during the Shujaa day, celebrated in Kenya every year to remember those who fought for independence from the colonial government. CCA-Kenya wanted to use Shujaa day to become the shujaas (heroes) by going door-to-door to create awareness on how to treat animals.

We realised that most people, especially in the villages, do not take care of animals. Dogs, for example, are not well cared for. Most people do not take their dogs and cats for vaccination, the food they are given is not clean and they don’t even wash them. We did much on that day to teach them how they should take care of the dogs and cats and did it practically for them. For example, we washed the animals for them and also showed them how they should give them food, by not throwing their food on the ground.

We also recruited more members of CCA and we were happy because we did a good job and are now Shujaas on creating awareness of how to treat animals well.

Coordinator: Leocadia Odhiambo

Chairman: Robert Oketch



Dear Friends,

Our group is working really hard on educating people on the Church and Animal Program and we are now moving to other churches in the villages. We will have a fuller newsletter soon.

Akoth Odhiambo, CCA-Kenya


Donkeys at work in Kenya

Dear Friends,

CCA-Kenya has been busy visiting churches and different groups creating awareness of animals and the Church and also making people treat animals kindly. This is going well and it has enabled us to recruit more members to our group and we have also formed other small groups.

We are very thankful for the copies of the journal and our members really like it. Though donkeys are used to doing heavy work in Kenya, we came to realize that some people mistreat them by giving them too much work and they do not give the Donkey time to eat, as they work the whole day.

Akoth Odhiambo, CCA – Kenya