Stop Circus Suffering

Wild animals in circuses are destined to a life of physical abuse and mental torture. Circuses are travelling entertainment services moving around Europe, and performing wild animals are transported across Member States, where circuses pose severe public safety and animal health and welfare risks. That’s why we call for an EU wide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, since bans at the national level won’t prevent these movements with all the risks and distresses for the animals.

Current situation in the EU

24 Member States have already adopted national legislation restricting the use of either all, or exclusively wild, animals in circuses, reflecting the public’s position on ethical and animal welfare grounds. Statements from animal experts and veterinary bodies backed up these decisions. 

 Circuses in these countries are therefore still using wild animals and are travelling through the other member states that have restrictions in place. This is why an EU ban and therefore our campaign is still very much needed to confirm a coherent and common EU answer to the suffering of these animals and the cross-border aspect of the issue.