Letter from CCA Australia – Summer 2021 by John Drennan – Chair CCA-Aus

Though Australia has been relatively free from the Covid virus compared with other countries, relevant restrictions have hampered some of our usual activities. It is a time, however, for reflection on past achievements and a look forward to the future, as this is the year of our 50th (Golden) anniversary. An article on our history will be provided a bit later in the year. But, if I may mention it, one pervading aspect of our work and attitude is that of inter-faith dialogue. We see concern for animals, not merely as a sort of convenient, though not particularly religious, common ground for such dialogue, but rather as something that is profoundly theological, and essentially religious.   

As I have been Chairman of CCA-Australia (formerly ACSCAW) since the start (1971), and effectively the main organizer following the retirement of the late Marion Craig almost 30 years ago, and as I shall soon turn 87, I am hoping that a suitable person will come forward as a replacement.  Australian members and other readers, please consider! 

For more information on membership etc., please contact me at 4/35 Morrah Street, Parkville, VIC 3052. (This is a block and a half west from the University of Melbourne).                            

E-mail: [email protected]

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