Badger and Seagull Culls

I am very dismayed that we have recently seen announcements for more unneeded culling in the UK.

The UK Government have indicated that three new Badger culls will take place this year including in a new area of Dorset.

Catholic Concern for Animals have always opposed such culls and believe that vaccination is the way forward in dealing with the issue of TB in cattle-we continue to believe that and will oppose these new culls.


CCA are also very concerned and dismayed that Natural England has given permission for the residents of Scarborough to cull lesser black-headed gulls. This is a very negative move and we fear is totally wrong as it seems to imply that the public at large can now go around destroying innocent and previousy protected wildlife.

We will make representations against this move and work with like-minded individuals and organisations to educate the public against such unwarranted destruction of wild birds.


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