Animal Welfare and Individual Responsibility

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Who is responsible?


I am often asked what can be done to stop this or what can be done to end that?

What is the Catholic Church doing about X or what is the Pope saying about Y.

All of these are valid questions and deserve answers which I try to give as best I can in any given situation.

However we can all do our bit great or small for Animal Welfare every day by our personal behaviour and actions, whether it is our diet, our wider consumer choices or just be giving an example to others by our care for the animal kingdom and all God’s creation.

All of this can, should and must be done as well as more obvious actions like protesting against the cruelty of other humans and their bad actions against animals-although of course there is plenty of human neglect and cruelty to animals around the world about which we need to educate,complain and protest against.

Therefore I leave with a question of my own for a change:

What have YOU done for animals today?





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