The Phyllis Mary Trust – Final Grants

The Phyllis Mary Trust is a fund run by Catholic Concern for Animals to help small and struggling rescue centres and sanctuaries. So far, during the year to 30th June 2023, the trust paid out the following grants, totalling £6,876.63.

Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals (SARA)1,000.00
Hector’s House 1,000.00
Tailed Banda (Kyiv) 500.00
Animal Protection Organisation of Nigeria 500.00
Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Cats (Aleppo, Syria)1,046.63
Haytap (Turkey) 1,025.00
Whiskers Syndicate 300.00
Happy Paws (Kyiv) 1,505.00


Most of these organisations provide us with articles about their work. Details about Tailed Banda, Happy Paws, and the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals can be read in the summer/autumn edition of The Ark.

These are the final payments from the Phyllis Mary Trust but new funding has meant that, from now on, we will be supporting small animal rescues through our new CCA Global Animal Rescue Fund. If you would like to donate to the trust and help to support small animal rescue organisations please visit the website here.

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