CCA Global Animal Rescue Fund Grant Application Form

Please complete this form as far as possible, after reading our policy, and submit it.

Your application should tell us what the project or work to be done is, who will do the work, how this will benefit animals, why it is important for the animals, and the timescale when the project will be completed following an award of funds. If you wish to provide supporting documents, note this in your application and we will be in touch to tell you how best to provide this.

Details of your claim will be assessed before a decision is reached. If the project claimed for is larger than the Trust can fully fund, further questions may well be asked about your additional sources of funding for it.

If successful, we ask you to provide us with a brief report and a picture or two of how our grant has been used, and permission to use these in our own publicity.

Name of organisation   
Charity number (if available)   
Name of applicant   
Position of applicant   
Annual turnover 
Financial reserves 
Postal address       
email address 
Date of application 
Claim (up to 1000 words)             
Please give contact details of three referees who can support your claim, Ideally, these should be international or national animal welfare organisations who work with you.




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