Use of Bear Fur-British Military



CCA likes to work with and support animal welfare friendly MP’s at Westminster and we were very grateful to all the MP’s who worked last summer to stop the re-introduction of Hunting with Hounds last summer.

It was very interesting to see that Alex Cunningham MP has been working on the above issues and asking Written Questions to the Government on the matter of the use of fur by the British Military for ceremonial Busby hats for various Regiments.

The answer to Mr Cunningham from Philip Dunne, Minister of State, Defence procurement is that the UK Government spent over £150.000 in 2015 on hats made from animals mostly from Canadian Bears. CCA believes that this is unacceptable in our modern age and will raise the matter at a meeting with CCA Patrons at Westminster this week in an attempt to educate the Government into better procurement policy.

We also wish to thank Mr Cunningham on his tireless work at Westminster on behalf of animals.



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