Too many animals are dying in Zoos

Too many animals are dying in Zoos.

The latest innocent animal to be killed in a zoo is Harambe, the western lowland Gorilla pictured above. Harambe was shot dead by zoo officials at Cincinnati zoo and this follows very quickly the horrific incident last week when two lions were shot dead in a zoo in Santiago after a man entered their pen in an apparent suicide attempt.

Endangered animals are needlessly dying at the hands of people who are claiming to work for the conservation of the species in question.

We need to answer the question what are zoos for?

If the answer is conservation work then it is now time to consider doing that sort of conservation work behind “closed doors” where the public have no access and to thus stop this gaining access (either deliberate or by accident) to enclosures that then in fact endanger the animals and as we have seen in these horrific recent examples in the US and Chile the innocent animals lose their lives.

This sort of killing in Zoos has to end and it has to end now.



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