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Autumn 2018 Ark – Out Now!

The Autumn 2018 Ark is out now and can be downloaded here: Ark – Autumn 2018 – 240 It includes: ‘Urgent Action on Climate Change Needed’ by Bishop John Arnold, including moving more to a plant based diet. Talks from the CCA Summer Conference Animal Advocacy in the Era of

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Vegan Sporting Prowess

It is great to see how world class sportsmen and women are now demonstrating how a cruelty free diet improves their sporting performance. The latest to attribute a Vegan diet to his ongoing success is 33 year old “veteran” England footballer Jermain Defoe who was recalled to the England team

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End of Veganuary 2017

Well, here we are at the end of Veganuary 2017 and it seems to have been a major success and was even featured on the BBC’s flagship Newsnight programme last evening. Every person who turns to a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle is actively helping animals as well as advocating for

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  CCA has for many years advocated and promoted a Vegetarian and/or Vegan diet. We are delighted with the Veganuary campaign this month and have been actively promoting it and re-tweeting their material and sharing their Facebook output. New Year is always a good time for changing one’s habits, lifestyle,etc

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World Meat Free Day 2016

  World Meat Free Day 2016 takes place on Monday 13th June and Catholic Concern for Animals gives it our full backing and ask all our members and supporters to do likewise and make World Meat Free Day truly that. Humans currently kill over 56 Billion animals a year for

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