Looking into Laudato Si’: A Thematic Index

Sheila Thomas and Claire Enright are members of the Cambridge Justice and Peace Group which have produced a thematic index for Laudato Si’ which they have shared with us.

The Papal encyclical Laudato Si’ is the focus of the annual Season of Creation, which the Cambridge Justice & Peace Group marks each year with an activity. We appreciate that the scope of the encyclical is far larger than the topics generally addressed in ‘Care for Our Common Home’, which tends to focus on the natural world. So we set out to identify, and demonstrate as clearly as possible, both the wide range of subjects included by Pope Francis in what he has termed “Integral Ecology”, and their inter-relationships.

We picked out key words and phrases through-out the text, supplementing the terms provided in the index, noting the paragraphs relevant to each and grouping these themes where most closely related. The result is presented in the following tables and figures which use colour to group the related themes.

The full document can be read here:

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