CCA – Statement on Ukraine

Catholic Concern for Animals views with horror the  recent invasion of Ukraine.

CCA calls on the Russia Federation to immediately halt its war against Ukraine.

CCA condemns the threatened use of nuclear weapons, the appalling bombardment of nuclear power facilities and the wanton contemptible bombardment of schools and hospitals and indescriminate murder of people and animals.

We believe that attacks on nuclear installations and the threatened use of nuclear weapons threaten destruction for the whole of God’s creation.

We call for support for those countries who are generously and unquestioningly taking in and harbouring refugees and their companion animals from the conflict. We particularly thank and welcome those countries who have accepted companion animals alongside their human partners. We urgently request that all other nations provide immediate and sustained support for the dispossessed humans and animals in this conflict, that all nations welcome and support refugees, human and animal.

We ask for all that is possible to be done to protect and safeguard all of God’s creatures who remain in Ukraine, and to support and nurture all those who have fled.

How you can support animal protection organisations in Ukraine | Eurogroup for Animals

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