Grant policy of the Phyllis Mary Trust

The Phyllis Mary Trust provides grants to help small animal rescue centres and sanctuaries. Typically, these are grants of funds up to £1000 to cover the cost of a particular project, although smaller contributions to operating costs may be applied for. We cannot undertake on-going support for running costs.

If you ask us for funds towards a project which is going to cost more than we can provide, we ask that you provide evidence of where you will get the additional funds needed. If it proves impossible for you to raise the extra money after we have sent our contribution, please contact us to request permission to put our contribution to a specific alternative use.

Successful applicants are asked to provide a report of how they used the grant. All applicants must agree that Catholic Concern for Animals may use news of the grant from this Trust for publicity purposes on the CCA website, and through social media and the press. 

All applicants, whether successful or not, may be given the opportunity to submit an article about their work or project for The Ark, the magazine of CCA, which may help to promote them.

Applications will be considered by trustees of Catholic Concern for Animals. Typically, deliberation meetings take place three times a year, so you can expect to receive a response within four months at the latest.