World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

World Day of Prayer for the care of creation

I was delighted to attend and represent Catholic Concern for Animals at a meditation for the above at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Central London this afternoon. I was joined by Rev Feargus O’Connor, Chair of the Animal Interfaith Alliance and also many other individuals of all faiths and none.

The World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation is an initiative of Pope Francis in support of his new Encyclical letter on the Environment-Laudato Si. A reading from the Encyclical formed part of the meditation session and it was very heartening to see the use of the Encyclical in practice. The Encyclical has grabbed the attention of the world both within and without the Catholic Church and has put the care, love and support for all animals both great and small at the centre of Catholic understanding of God’s creation and the need to consider the issues of Climate Change and Global warming on all creatures and other aspects of creation and not just take a human centric view of the world that has hitherto been the case for many commentators and interested organisations and individuals.

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