Wonder of the Internet and Laudato Si

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I am often surprised and delighted (and sometimes worried) about the wonder of the Internet.

The opportunities it gives to communicate with people far way and in real-time is one of the great things of our age, although keeping up to date with the new developments of this technological marvel is a challenge to all of us.

i recently had the great pleasure of speaking to a group of Catholic Animal Welfare supporters in the USA who had contacted CCA through our website and I spoke to them and answered questions on Animal Welfare aspects of Laudato Si, this sort of instant communication is now available to most of the population where it was once the privilege of a rarefied few.

I have also been able to send PDF versions of the special new Laudato Si edition of The Ark to our new American friends and they have given me instant feedback that they think it is a great members magazine.

I hope to have many such wonderful experiences and please get in touch wherever you are in the world if you want me to talk to your animal welfare group via the web or if you want us to send you a PDF copy of The Ark by e-mail.

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