St Francis Day 2016


Happy St Francis Day 2016

Today is St Francis day and we commemorate the life and death of St Francis of Assisi who died on 4th October 1226 at Portiuncula in Italy and was then declared a Saint by Pope Gregory 1x in 1228.

It is well know that St Francis is of course the Patron Saint of Animals but it is often less well known that St Francis is also the Patron Saint of the Environment and we again celebrate in his name today the Encyclical Letter on the Environment by Pope Francis entitled Laudato Si’ and which was published last year and which we in Catholic Concern for Animals often now refer to as our “policy document” and upon which we frame a lot of our activity and ongoing educational work .

I believe that if St Francis was here with us today he would give Laudato Si’ his full blessing and support and there is very little that could be seen as higher praise than that.





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