Put Animals top for Lent


Lent 2017 begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday ,1st March 2017 and my question for today is what are YOU going to do for this Christian season of fasting, prayer and reflection?

I would like to make some suggestions and your response will probably vary depending on your current diet and work/support for animal creation:

  1. If you current eat meat and/or fish then turn Vegetarian for Lent.
  2. If you are currently Vegetarian then turn Vegan for Lent.
  3. If you currently follow a Vegan diet then look at all your other buying patterns to ensure that you do not purchase any animal products in other ways.

All and indeed any of the above would be good not only for the animal creation but also for your own health and spiritual needs.

Lent is also an almsgiving period and as a Catholic Charity, we are always at Catholic Concern for Animals in need of donations from CCA members and supporters and Lent is a good time to consider donating to the work of CCA and donations can be made via the Charity Choice button on the Home Page of the CCA Website.

Whatever you decide to do for Lent may I wish everyone a happy, thoughtful and successful Lenten period




  1. estelatorresmarcos 5 years ago February 28, 2017

    Join our campaign to stop the tradition of eating lamb (and other animals) for Easter.
    And have a vegan easter all year long.
    Sign the petition.

  2. Animal Interfaith Alliance 5 years ago February 28, 2017

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