CCA has been working for many years educating about the misuse of Greyhounds and supporting those organisations who care for and re home ill-treated dogs.

We have long understood that Greyhounds are often viewed as a commercial asset by those involved in the UK Greyhound racing industry and therefore it is no surprise to us that a recent report by a sub committee of the House of Commons, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Departmental Select Committee has reported that the Greyhound Racing Industry “principally sees greyhounds as commercial betting assets”.

This is unacceptable in what is often described as a dog loving country and the public at large would be horrified if they knew the facts of how Greyhounds are treated in this context.

CCA will continue and increase its work on behalf of Greyhounds in 2016 and pledges to do even more to support groups rehousing discarded and abused dogs.



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