Cheetah Extinction?


Scientists are predicting the extinction of the worlds fastest land animal the Cheetah due to rapid decimation of numbers of the animal living in the wild over recent years with numbers of cheetahs declining by up to 85% in Africa and less than 50 cheetahs remaining in Iran.

Cheetahs are of course not the only species facing an unsure future and CCA plans to do more work in the area of species depletion and extinction threat in the coming years to lend our voice and support to all animals, however great or small threatened in such a way and the threats to other species are often the direct result of human activity.

One of the things we will be discussing in 2017 is the good or negative effect of zoos in such matters as conservation and we will be very interested in hearing the views of CCA members and supporters on the issue of zoos generally.




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