CCA AGM 2015

The Catholic Concern for Animals AGM was held on Saturday 18th October at Brompton Oratory in London.

The meeting was preceded by a fascinating talk by CCA’s Scientific Adviser, Dr Richard Ryder which covered many aspects of animal welfare issues but was especially interesting on the subject of meat as a possible addiction for humans and that he believed that scientific research in the area was long overdue and had been neglected. The members in attendance were very interested in Dr Ryder’s hypothesis and agreed that it was an issue well worthy of further investigation and academic research.

Dr Ryder’s talk generated a fascinating discussion and question and answer session for our assembled membership who were energised and invigorated by the talk and discussion points.

Dr Ryder’s long and distinguished history and outstanding record in the field of animal welfare needs no introduction from me and the members who attended the AGM were absolutely thrilled to here from such a distinguished guest speaker.

To see Dr Ryder’s full talk and documents from the AGM click here..

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