Meet the Team


chris fegan pic

Chris Fegan,


Tel: 07817 730472




Portrait BG 1Barbara Gardner,




Judy PortraitChair:  Judy Gibbons

Deborah JonesVice Chair:  Dr Deborah Jones

Membership Secretary: Sarah Dunning, 43 St John’s Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 1QB.  Email:

Treasurer:  Dr Clara Mancini.

Retreats Secretary:  Irene Casey, 32 Pinders Farm Drive, Warrington, WA1 2GF.


Ann Moody

Wanda Oberman

Sheila Thomas

Chairman Emeritus: 

Dr Edward P. Echlin


Deborah JonesTheological Adviser – Dr Deborah Jones

Richard Ryder -14 e.m.

Scientific Adviser – Dr Richard D. Ryder







Notre-Dame de toute pitie

CCA’s French sister organisation

Visit them here

2 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Have you guys been on Catholic radio? Teresa Tomeo or Catholic Answers would be great programs for an interview that will further the cause for the ethical treatment of animals…


  2. Hello there,

    I am so glad to have found you all, although I’m literally at a loss for explaining how little the Catholic Church is involved in your mission. I am in the US which I fear is probably one of the most shameful places on earth for animal welfare. I know that God is calling me to bring the fight for animals to the Church, but I’m completely overwhelmed with where to start. That pig wrestling thing is unthinkable and I can only image that happened somewhere in the south. Do you have any US “operatives” over here that I might be able to touch base with? I’m transitioning from my current local shelter work, and will be relocating to a different city soon with my husband, so although I’m busy for the moment, I still find myself trying to think of my next step.

    Best regards,

    Katee Stahl


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