African Elephant Crisis Update

IFAW-Stop The Ivory Trade

The crisis facing the African Elephant is unfortunately not improving and CCA have been working with partner Animal Welfare organisations on trying to end the horrendous Ivory Trade for many years.

I was therefore delighted to support our colleagues at IFAW by representing CCA at a launch of a new research document on the problem held at the Houses of Parliament last week,  IFAW was asking UK Members of Parliament to sign an Early Day Motion asking for the UK Government to close down the UK Ivory Market and CCA support this excellent initiative.

The document and related research shows that scientists estimate that poachers killed 100,000 elephants between 2010 and 2012 at an average rate of one elephant killed every 15 minutes. This appalling massacre is fuelled simply and solely by consumer demand for Ivory from the elephants tusks and the latest Great Elephant Census published last year shows a 30% decline in elephant numbers form the last census which was only taken just seven years previously.

The elephant is facing extinction if the Ivory Trade is not stopped.

CCA will therefore increase its efforts to educate and inform on this matter throughout the world and we re-iterate our call for a total worldwide ban on the sale of Ivory as soon as possible.

One thought on “African Elephant Crisis Update

  1. Many thanks, Chris.

    On World Elephant Day in August AIA also wrote to Michael Gove in support of the request made by the Environmental Investigation Agency to immediately stop issuing permits for all ivory exports and also to close all remaining legal loopholes that facilitate the laundering of illegal ivory as ‘antique’ (pre-1947) and pre-Convention (pre-1975), by introducing a total ban on domestic ivory trade.


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