Good News from China


In a world where we get resigned to hearing bad news about the plight of the animal kingdom we have some good news from China today where Chinese ivory factories will close their doors and be shut down by the Chinese Government and all retail outlets will close by the end of this year.

This is a major step to stopping the appalling trade in ivory and the ivory trade in China seems to be collapsing as wholesale prices for a pair of tusks has fallen from an average of $2100 in early 2014 to $714 last month and this is in major part to the actions of the Chinese Government.

In a year when the new US President seems to be “taking aim” at animal welfare protection legislation and there is great uncertainty in the UK about animal legislation post leaving the European Union at least one major country seems to be taking some positive action for wildlife and deserves our support in this matter.

Vegan Sporting Prowess


It is great to see how world class sportsmen and women are now demonstrating how a cruelty free diet improves their sporting performance.

The latest to attribute a Vegan diet to his ongoing success is 33 year old “veteran” England footballer Jermain Defoe who was recalled to the England team for the World Cup Qualifier against Lithuania after an absence of nearly four years and he celebrated with his 20th goal for his country.

After the match, Defoe went on record as saying that his switch to a Vegan diet has enabled him to stay fit and focused on his football career and he said

“I think I’ve managed [to adopt veganism] successfully. My girlfriend suggested I gave it a go. Well, she said to me: ‘You’ve got to do it’ and she’s always showing me documentaries on it. It’s always nice to have someone around you who helps you and drives you on and wants you to do well.”

There you have it then -Veganism works for top class athletes wanting to keep in shape and it can work for everyone and save animal lives at the same time.