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Creation Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow 1st Sept is Creation Day and people all over the world will be celebrating. CCA is excited about Creation day and on the Homepage of our website you will be able to watch a short video from Pope Francis and find a link to some Creation day prayers that

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Long Distance Live Transport of Animals

CCA opposes the horrendous abuse of animals that takes place in the production of food for humans. We of course strongly promote a vegetarian or vegan diet and CCA wish we all lived in a world where animals were not eaten by humans at all. However,meat eating is not only

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CCA Annual Retreat 2016

  I am currently at the CCA Annual Retreat which this year is being held in the wonderful Quaker run and administered Charney Manor Conference & Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire. The Retreat is always a great Ecumenical event and this year is no different with colleagues and friends from differing

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