Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival Now



Catholic Concern for Animals utterly condemns the horrendous Yulin Dog Meat Festival which is due to take place next week in Yulin, China next week.

CCA calls on all animal loving Catholics throughout the world to add their voices to the calls for this barbaric Festival to be cancelled immediately and to support the various protests which are currently taking place to stop this annual atrocity.

CCA is delighted that CCA supporters and members are actively involved in the fight to stop this awful festival and an example of this is the  the protest that is taking place tomorrow (Saturday,18th June) as hundreds of people including CCA supporters are coming from different parts of Poland and meeting in Old Town in Warsaw to form a group of protesters.  Protesters will wear T-shirts especially designed for this event, masks of dogs, and some will act in a special performance. The group will then walk to the Chinese Embassy to hand in a signed petition against Yulin festival. A special letter to President of Poland with a request to condemn this festival has also been written  . The organisers of the protest have collected almost 4000 US dollars and sent it to local  Chinese animal welfare supporters , which will be spent on buying dogs out of slaugtherhouses.

CCA welcome such positive action for animals and are proud to be associated with it for the benefit of trying to save innocent dogs from this horror.

stop yulin


World Meat Free Day 2016



World Meat Free Day 2016 takes place on Monday 13th June and Catholic Concern for Animals gives it our full backing and ask all our members and supporters to do likewise and make World Meat Free Day truly that.

Humans currently kill over 56 Billion animals a year for food(not including aquatic animals) and it is estimated by experts in the United Nations in their report ” Livestock’s Long Shadow” (UN 2006) that this number of animals killed simply for human consumption will have been doubled by the year 2050.

The suffering of theses animals does not bear thinking about which is why one of CCA’s main objectives is to educate about and promote a vegan or vegetarian diet.