Too many animals are dying in Zoos


Too many animals are dying in Zoos.

The latest innocent animal to be killed in a zoo is Harambe, the western lowland Gorilla pictured above. Harambe was shot dead by zoo officials at Cincinnati zoo  and this follows very quickly the horrific incident  last week when two lions were shot dead in a zoo in Santiago after a man entered their pen in an apparent suicide attempt.

Endangered animals are needlessly dying at the hands of people who are claiming to work for the conservation of the species in question.

We need to answer the question what are zoos for?

If the answer is conservation work then it is now time to consider doing that sort of conservation work behind “closed doors” where the public have no access and to thus stop this gaining access (either deliberate or by accident) to enclosures that then in fact endanger the animals and as we have seen in these horrific recent examples in the US and Chile the innocent animals lose their lives.

This sort of killing in Zoos has to end and it has to end now.



Laudato Si’ Week is Coming


Laudato Si’ week is coming soon and will take place from June12th-June 19th 2016 to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the publication of the release on June 18th 2015 of Pope Francis’ historical Encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home.

Catholic Concern for Animals will take part in the celebrations during Laudato Si week as the Encyclical letter is, in our opinion, the most important document supporting the proper treatment of God’s Creation published.

To commemorate the anniversary we are offering copies of Laudato Si’ at the special reduced price of  £4.50 plus p&p and also our Special Laudato Si’ edition of the ARK at the special reduced price of  £2.50 plus p&p.

Please order your copy via any of the contact details on the website or directly from CCA Membership Secretary, Frances Chalk,26 The Fairway, Upminster, Essex, RM14 1BS. Email:



Pope Watch


I am delighted to announce a new section of the CCA Website which is Pope Watch.

This is a collection of video clips of Pope Francis engaging and talking about the animal kingdom and can be accessed via a link on the CCA Homepage.

Please feel free to e-mail me to let me know of any other clips that you consider worthy of including in Pope Watch

Pope Francis and Companion Animals


There has been much media attention with regard to recent comments by Pope Francis to a recent Jubilee of Mercy audience in Vatican City.

Unfortunate misinterpretation(either deliberate or accidental) has occurred in certain media outlets to give the impression that Pope Francis has somehow criticised the care of companion animals-THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!

I would make 2 points in response to this “media storm” as follows:

1) The Pope is saying that we should not treat animals “above”humans, he is not saying anywhere that I have seen that we should treat animals “less” than humans-this is a very significant point. He is indicating that some people treat animals well but do not treat humans well, this is true in some instances and should be discouraged so that people treat all of God’s creation well, both humans and non humans.

2) Pope Francis has written and published Laudato Si only last year,which is the most important and animals friendly document that has probably been ever written by a Pope in support of animals and animal care.

I understand that on occasion comments can easily be misunderstood or confused especially when key words in comments are translated into other languages from the original language in which they are first orally communicated.

I would urge all CCA Members and supporters worldwide to support the great work that Pope Francis is doing for all sentient beings and not to be dismayed by such media “controversies” that are bound to arise from time to time.