Big Garden Bird Watch

blue-winged-warblerThis weekend has been the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Bird Watch and it seems to have been a huge success.

It appears that nearly 150,000 people have given up an hour or so of their time to spot birds in their back gardens and a huge amount of birds have been spotted and reported to RSPB Head Office and nearly 10.000 surveys have been completed and we still have some time left in the day!

The work is critical as part of the RSPB’s conservation work and their Big Schools Birdwatch continues until 12th February where schools are being asked to count birds during one of their lessons-I hope that many Catholic schools are taking part!


Use of Bear Fur-British Military



CCA likes to work with and support animal welfare friendly MP’s at Westminster and we were very grateful to all the MP’s who worked last summer to stop the re-introduction of Hunting with Hounds last summer.

It was very interesting to see that Alex Cunningham MP has been working on the above issues and asking Written Questions to the Government on the matter of the use of fur by the British Military for ceremonial Busby hats for various Regiments.

The answer to Mr Cunningham from Philip Dunne, Minister of State, Defence procurement is that the UK Government spent over £150.000 in 2015 on hats made from animals mostly from Canadian Bears. CCA believes that this is unacceptable in our modern age and will raise the matter at a meeting with CCA Patrons at Westminster this week in an attempt to educate the Government into better procurement policy.

We also wish to thank Mr Cunningham on his tireless work at Westminster on behalf of animals.

CCA and Laudato Si in Portsmouth People

Pope Francis Quote LS67



I am delighted that an article on Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter-Laudato Si written by CCA Chair Judy Gibbons has been published in the current edition of “Portsmouth People” which is the Magazine for the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth.

This is fantastic news and shows the great support of the  Portsmouth Catholic Diocese and Bishop Philip Egan for our Charity and its work and is a great start to 2016.

I now hope other Catholic Dioceses will follow suit and include CCA articles and contributions in both their written publications and magazines and also online publications.

Many thanks to Portsmouth Diocese for this great support and the magazine and Judy’s article can be found at