UN Climate Change-Paris


Cardinal Turkson

CCA has been working for the past 18 months preparing for the above and we have had various articles and comments in our magazine “The ARK”.

Our priority is and has always been that policy makers, academic, media amd others realise that not only is tackling man-made Climate Change an imperative but also that it must be focused on all creation and not just human based. Climate change affects all of God’s creation and when the issues are discussed and decisions made, the resulting effects on all animals need to be considered and factored into debates.

Catholics have taken the lead in this area  with the wonderful publication by His Holiness, Pope Francis, earlier this year and now the UN Summit has arrived and begins in Paris this weekend. We endorse and support the call by Cardinal Turkson for Catholics (photo above) to take part in the the marches taking place across the globe tomorrow Sunday 29th November and urge all CCA Members and supporters to do so.

I will be travelling to Paris tomorrow to represent CCA at events surrounding COP 21 and will report in future blogs on how things are going with the UN Summit.

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