CCA Supports Network for Animals Petition to End Horse Fighting

horse fighting petition

Network For Animals need your help to end the brutal bloodsport of Organized Horse Fighting in the southern Philippines.

The sound of cheering reverberates through the arena, from a crowd made up of gamblers, elected officials, gangsters, families, even small children. In each fight two beautiful stallions are made to fight brutally over a poor mare, paraded in front of them as their ‘prize’. Over a weekend fiesta of horse fighting, tens, even hundreds of horses are violently wounded, while the mares are subjected to repeated mounting by the ‘victor’ of each bout.

Network for Animals are battling a cruelty that is illegal, yet ingrained in southern Filipino society, and taking a stand means moving against organised crime in an area where gun carrying is the norm, not the exception. We have been victorious in Bukidnon, North Cotabato and Davos City. Use your voice today, to help us urge the Philippine president to end Organized Horse Fighting.

To sign the petition, follow this link:

CCA AGM 2015

The Catholic Concern for Animals AGM was held on Saturday 18th October at Brompton Oratory in London.

The meeting was preceded by a fascinating talk by CCA’s Scientific Adviser, Dr Richard Ryder which covered many aspects of animal welfare issues but was especially interesting on the subject of meat as a possible addiction for humans and that he believed that scientific research in the area was long overdue and had been neglected. The members in attendance were very interested in Dr Ryder’s hypothesis and agreed that it was an issue well worthy of further investigation and academic research.

Dr Ryder’s talk generated a fascinating discussion and question and answer session for our assembled membership who were energised and invigorated by the talk and discussion points.

Dr Ryder’s long and distinguished history and outstanding record in the field of animal welfare needs no introduction from me and the members who attended the AGM were absolutely thrilled to here from such a distinguished guest speaker.

To see Dr Ryder’s full talk and documents from the AGM click here..

CCA supports Battersea Dogs Home Campaign to end backstreet breeding of dogs


I attended yesterday a meeting organised by Battersea Dogs and Cat in which they presented their new report into  backstreet breeding of dogs and the misery that caused for thousands of animals each year. The report is shocking and shows how even with legislation in place to stop this horror, the law is badly enforced and the people responsible are hardly ever prosecuted.

I encourage all CCA members and supporters to read the report which can be found on the Battersea Dogs Home website and CCA has promised to lend our support to the campaign and do all we van to stop this horrendous trade in misery.